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Freelance Events

With nearly two decades of professional experience, I know that I can create the perfect menu for your event, whether it’s a private party, celebration or launch for your brand or product. I am always looking for Pop up/residency opportunities, so get in touch!

Product launches

Working with clients to produce quality content for their product launches is vital; understanding their brand mentality, message and values are massively important to me.

I have previously worked with international brands to create video content and launch dinners for Press and VIP’s.

My previous clients include;

  • Caorunn Gin
    Affligem (Heineken)
    Universal Music
    Alex Randall
  • Winstons Wish
    Campo Viejo
  • Autism East Midlands
    Pernod Ricard
    Burton Sous Vide

To find out how I can assist you email me; mark@realmarklloyd.com


I have extensive presenting and writing experience for all media platforms; Radio, television and printed media. From recipes and features through to news worthy commentary on day to day issues, I am sure I will have something to contribute.

See the videos for some examples, but clients include;

  • TV and Radio

    BBC ONE (UK)
    BBC TWO (UK)
    CHANNEL 4 (UK)
    CHANNEL 5 (UK)
    SKY ONE (UK)
    SKY UNO (Italy)
    SONY TV (South Africa)
    Food Network (Worldwide)
    BBC Worldwide
    BBC Radio 2
    BBC Radio 5 Live
    Regional BBC radio stations

  • Written media

    BBC Good Food Magazine
    Harrods Magazine
    Elle décor
    Conde Nast traveller
    Countryside magazine (NFU)

  • TV Shows include

    River Cottage
    Hairy Bikers
    Great British Waste Menu
    Market Kitchen
    Chef Race
    BBC breakfast news
    Channel 4 news
    Channel 5 news
    Rip Off Britain
    BBC Good Food Show Live
    Ideal Home Show
    Cake and Bake Show
    Grand Designs Live
    Jimmy & Jamie’s Harvest
    Edible Garden Show

Want to book me?
Email me mark@realmarklloyd.com


Over the years I have built a strong network, made some major mistakes and also had some major triumphs, I am now coaching others who want to create a similar business model to my own. I help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes I made by passing on my expertise, also assisting you to create a profitable business from the ground up. We can also assist in online content creation and video marketing.

Edupreneur-School Diners

This means so much to me, I grew up in the social care system of the 1980’s, was removed from more than one school too. I have a real passion for motivating our youth!!

The best way I could find to teach life skills and motivate them was by creating a restaurant with them, it teaches so many life skills that are used every day, whether you work in a kitchen or not!!

These skills include teamwork, time keeping, resilience, working under pressure, delivering on time, people skills, money handling, dealing with the public and so much more.

To find out more and how we can bring this to your school, email me schooldiners@realmarklloyd.com

Hopwood & Locke

There are so many gadgets, knives, pots and pans out there I thought I would get hold of the best, in my opinion, put them all on here and try to get you great deals on them too.

Check out the store for the best deals and my personal favourites. More and more items will be on here as I find them and test them out.

Wild Food and Foraging

I have been called a Wild Food expert, I suppose 30 years of experience makes me that. I teach sessions on wild food, foraging, how to identify it and cook with it. These sessions are equally good for private interested individuals or team building days.


4 hour guided talk/walk based on 4 people £400* (£100 per person)
*terms apply